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Noga Ravin

My name is Noga and I'm the designer and owner of Nogaravin. I'm originally from Israel but for the past 5 years have been living and creating in Poland. 

Toys were always something I loved and even as a design student, although I was studying fashion and jewellery, all of my designs were playful and fun.

After graduation I was trying to figure out what to do One day I was playing with two pieces of fabric, tied them together and suddenly there was a rabbit! So Rosso the rabbit was actually what started Nogaravin, and he was created very spontaneously.



I never planed to start my own brand, so when I created the Facebook page for my new creations I just used Nogaravin which was my private user name on Instagram, and just kept going with it.  I'm always thinking if I should change it or not though ;)

When I'm creating something new my core values are simplicity, playfulness, texture and innovation. Im always aiming to find hidden shapes or other recognisable feature in animals and other objects. 

I start by sketching and then usually very quickly turn to the fabrics and the sewing machine to try and give life to my new idea. 

Odi the whale for example was created pretty quickly. Once I figured the triangle shape my vision for the final design became very clear.

I like to play with different sizes of every creature so they can have different uses as well as different characters. That is actually how and why I created the Billie the Bunny rattle which is a smaller version of the classic Rosso.

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