Scrolling through Facebook in a vain attempt to keep myself awake during a 3am feed a few weeks into the birth of my daughter, I stumbled across an article on the benefits of exposing newborns to simple black and white shapes & patterns.

Not only was this monochrome palate proven to support newborns’ cognitive development, it also demonstratively calmed their minds, giving them something defined and simple to focus on in this scary new world.

Fuelled with the potential of having another tool in my armoury to support my baby’s development I embarked on the hunt for good quality black and white / monochrome toys, something that proved much harder than anticipated as I struggled to find anything beyond a few simple books and pram toys.

The seemingly simple pram toy not only captured my daughter’s attention, it also appeared to capture that of those around me as on lapping the various parks and coffee shops of London parents constantly approached me asking where I’d brought it, sharing their own struggles in finding anything similar.

And so began my mission to support other new parents in finding great quality toys & accessories to support their baby’s developmental journey. The Panda Bear Baby Company was born.

All the brands in our debut collection have been hand selected from the best independent UK & European design houses using quality fabrics and materials, with dyes & paints that contain no nasties. Taking learnings from my own experience as a new mum I have aimed to feature products that not only support your little one’s sensory adventures in the first few important months, but are also practical and stylish with a use that extends beyond those early adventures.

I hope you enjoy it.


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