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Seaside Collection sensory muslins
Seaside Collection sensory muslins

Etta Loves

Seaside Collection sensory muslins

Super soft pack of 3 sensory muslin squares from purveyor of sensory stimulation UK brand Etta Loves.

Designed to be both functional, developmental and stylish Founder Jen created the brand while only 4-weeks into her own maternity leave journey.

With input from an early years visual expert these gorgeous muslins will ensure your little one receives the best sensory stimulation while also being surrounded by the safest of fabrics.

Don’t just restrict these for mopping up spills, they are perfect for a game of peek-a-boo or for laying out on the ground the engage little eyes.

60 x 60cm pack of 3

Please never cover a newborn's pram or seat in a muslin. If using the muslin for sensory purposes simply drape it over the seat in front of the baby or lay it on the ground where there is no risk of them disappearing underneath it.